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                                  Desire = wish, want, longing, craving, yearning, need, aspiration and request. One time the Spirit said to me; “Don’t try being holy, don’t try being righteous, just cooperate with Me Says the Lord.” Desire is a Means to an End! U may say; Why Revival, when we have good church growth programs? Revival is a baptism of fire; a fire of new desire and desire is the foundation of transformation! Revival is a Holy Ghost steroid! It breaks the shackles of complacency! It was in the wake of Revival that we have the Baptists, Methodists, Anglicans, Presbyterian, Salvation Army and Pentecostals. Revival fulfills the dream of Jacobs’s ladder; it’s a glory portal. I am active in Revival Meetings on a weekly basis. It’s not uncommon for me to be in a position of flying, busing, driving etc. In year 2016 the Spirit said to me that my travelling ministry would be based in Auckland. I lived in Wellington at the time; therefore the Spirit was pre-empting that I would relocate to Auckland. Well that is no easy task. It meant I would have to get a building in Auckland. There were a hundred and one questions going through my mind at the time. Well, here I am 12 months later; based in Auckland and involved in itinerant ministry. I have learnt to adjust and obey. I do get to see geographical glory portals opened on a weekly basis. What a privilege. If you were to ask me the question of what motives me? The Lord has blessed me with an impressive CV. I don’t want to stand before Him having not fulfilled His will. The revival route has its moments; it’s not all easy riding. Often you have to take risks. If it was my choosing, I would travel a conventional route.