Give Thanks

The ozone layer is given to be a protection against deadly harmful rays that travel from the sun to our earth’s atmosphere. There are two deadly rays that the sun emits and our ozone layer deflects these harmful rays so as to ensure that what we receive from the suns energy is all productive for our eco system. It’s all about balance. Balance is an imperative that not only holds true in creation but is a requisite to maintain a healthy spiritual Christian life. The bible lays out healthy Christian attributes that are akin to the protection law of the Ozone Layer. One such law is the law of thanksgiving. When I use the term law it may conjure to some of you, images of a forceful enactment; but that is not the case. We have providential spiritual laws that can only be offered from a charitable freewill premise. Thanksgiving is not something that can be forced upon people, it is a freewill decision. Thanksgiving places a protective layer over our hearts and minds. It is not based on the good that God does but the good of who He is! This is where we learn the principle said to Moses in reference to Gods name; “I AM” (Exo 3:14). We thank Him because ‘He is’ (I AM). To base our thanksgiving on the good things that happen in our lives has limitations, given that we face challenges in life’s journey. A good recipe in life is to start the day with thanksgiving and praise. Thanksgiving changes the atmosphere; thanksgiving lays foundation for Gods glory to be manifest. People of thanksgiving are people who appreciate God not based on circumstances but on recognition of His greatness and worth. I have learnt to praise and thank Him irrespective of the difficulties I face. It is easy to thank Him in times of prosperity but thanksgiving takes on a new dimension of authority in times of scarcity and want. Thanksgiving is a WEAPON OF WAR! The devil is the master of camouflage. He’ll come in the form of rights and what is fair; to get us to stop thanking God, given that life has dished up some lousy times of hardship. People of thanksgiving expose the enemies camouflage and strip him of stronghold capabilities! Every time I have met people who are unthankful they always want to let you know how hard life is, what problems they have and why life is not fair. By the way who said life was supposed to be fair? Thank God Jesus did not think that way when He went to the cross. Thanksgiving like the ozone layer will protect us against the harmful rays of bitterness and un-forgiveness; IT’S A LAW! Giving thanks always... for all things to God the father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Eph 5:20). In candour I have been on the receiving end of some harsh reality checks with life’s unfairness, yet I have maintained to not praise and thank Him based on the quality of my life’s good times but on the fact of who He is. He is ‘I AM’ in the midst of all storms. He is ‘I AM’ when the cupboards are low. He is ‘I AM’ when the bank balance is depleted. He is constant for all seasons... and I thank Him for His goodness.

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