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The scriptures encourage that it is the little things that make the difference... here a little and there a little (Isaiah 28:10). Jesus highlighted the importance of small things, when He taught that though a mustard seed is one of the tiniest  of seeds yet its potential is enormous (Mark 4:31-32). I have come to appreciate that even the most basic kingdom principles are enormously helpful. I am referring to the mustard faith seed of thanksgiving. It takes faith to thank God in all seasons. It is easy to thank God in times of prosperity; however it is important that we can thank Him in seasons of scarcity and want. The mustard faith seed of thanksgiving lays foundation for Gods providence. There is power in praise. Kingdom principles are principles of authority. Kingdom principles are the execution of dominion and rulership, which to begin with, was invested in Adam at the beginning of creation. God said to Adam to have dominion and rule over the earth (Gen 1:28). In Jesus who is the last Adam, we have dominion to rule (1 Cor 15:45). Jesus did not rise on the third day in order for His church to remain defeated on a daily basis. His resurrection is our resurrection! We are called to be above and not beneath; “the axe head has floated”. The execution of kingdom authority will often be packaged in some of the tinniest of tools; and yes! One of these tools and weapons is THANKSGIVING. Think about it in these terms; let’s say that your success as a Christian is visualised in a geometry circle sphere, and that every space within that circle is indicative of your hearts attitude. Put plainly if the entire circle of your attitudes had a thanksgiving attached then I can tell you now, the devil would find it awkward to take advantage. Thanksgiving is a Weapon of WAR! Thanks giving are the execution of the Kingdom of God. Thanksgiving from your lips may be one of the tinniest of principles yet it is packed with dynamic power and authority. The real estate of your attitudes should only have a thanksgiving of worship and praise. I have learnt to thank Him even if the cupboards are low. I have learnt to thank Him even if the bills are mounting. I have learnt to thank Him based on who He is. Jesus one time healed ten leapers and only one returned to thank Him (Luke 17:17). Over the years I have encountered many peoples who sought the lord when they were hit with trials and forget Him not long after He proved Himself faithful. The nine lepers that did not return were content with their healing but showed no interest in knowing the healer. It is no different of the children of Israel that knew the acts of God yet fell short of knowing His ways. Intimacy with God is based on knowing His ways. Moses was a man that knew the ways of God (Psa 103:7). The reason that I have taken you down this route in these messages on thanksgiving is because God made very plain to me that unless His people learn to thank Him, they will struggle as lean economic times hit our country of Aotearoa New Zealand. This mustard seed principle could be the difference between life and death, survival and disaster... “Thank you Jesus for who You

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