Environmental health

Is there a link between the way we treat each other and our environmental wellbeing? Physics teaches that we live in a universal vibration/frequency world. Could our behaviour with each other, emit a vibration that equals the wellbeing of our environment? If there is a correlation between the two; then our behaviour with each other is important for our ENVIRONMENTAL STABILITY; and maybe the 10 commandments was given with these 2 areas in mind? I believe in this law. The law of smiling is the law of friendliness. A friend will not steal or lie to his neighbour. Friendliness is the cornerstone of all relationship. Smiling is therapeutic. It’s an environmental friendly health law. It releases endorphins. Lifting your mood; and, a smile on your face is proven to boost your immunity. The atmosphere is lighter in a community of peoples that smile. Smiling brings your blood pressure down naturally. You can test this yourself with a meter. Take your pressure, then put a smile on your face for one minute and take the reading again! Smiling is healthy as it reduces stress; your body is wired to stand down when you smile. There are always “life is not fair excuses,” to justify not smiling; albeit, it’s better to take the smiley high ground. When a husband and wife live to the smiley principles of good patience and friendliness; their relationship blooms. Life is not fair attitude, will sabotage a smile. A person who lives with the mindset of what could or should have been, is living a life of regrets. Listen reader, LIFE IS NOT FAIR! We must learn to get over it! Who said life’s script was supposed to be fair? (a portion of Smiley Book)